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What is vibrators and toys for men?

What is vibrators and toys for men?

In the sex toy world, there are many toys and vibrators for men to enhance their regular types of vibrators boredom sexual life. Toys for men include:

Cock ring Vibrators

Cock ring is penis ring that wear on the dick for pleasure. Cock ring Vibrators is small in size that attached to the cock ring that give vibration on dick with cock rings. It increase the level of pleasure with level of vibration.

Anal Vibrators

Anal is the only option where men can penetrate. To make anal play more exciting, there are many anal sex toys and anal vibrators. Men can use it in anus to reach the P-Spot orgasm. P-Spot orgasm give most pleasurable feeling.

Penis Sleeves

Penis Sleeves is glove for penis. Basically it is extensive for penis to enhance the length and girth of the penis. Men who have small penis, does not make their women sexual satisfied, then men prefer penis sleeves. Penis sleeves not only increase the length to penis, but provide rigid texture too.

Vibrating Penis Pump

Penis pump or penis enlargement sex toys is used to enhance the size of penis with some practice. It is easy to use.

What are vibrators and toys for women?

What are vibrators and toys for women?

Toys for women to enhance the alone time, masturbation or sexual relationship with partner. Toys for women include:


Vibrators gives vibration for more erotic pleasure on the vagina and in the vagina. There are so many vibrato type that women can use. It includes, bullet vibrators, rampant rabbit vibrators,strap on vibrators, clitoris vibrators, wireless vibrators, remote control vibrators, G-spot vibrators, egg vibrators,thrusting vibrators,lesbian vibrators toys etc. These vibrators are different in size, shape, function. Women can get their one, by their needs.


Dildos is also a sex toy type for women, but it does not give any vibration. It is same like real penis, means it is structured in men penis shape and texture. Dildos give same pleasure like real penis.

Anal sex toys and vibrators

Women also love to penetrate the anus. Anal sex allow women to enjoy the double penetration and double sexual fun. Many anal dildos, anal vibrators are available to enhance the anal play. Other How to sex toy is here