• Women are really comfortable types of vibrators

What type are there?

What type are there?

There are various kinds of sex toy's vibrator, vibe, which are categorized into each category. It is a place to use, shape from the strength of stimulus, type of battery, function etc for men, women's etc. I will introduce them here.

Straight Vibe

It is type of vibrators that does not have any branching means it is straight in shape. It is comfortable for the beginners to start penetration with the any sex toys.

2 crotch vibes

It has branching structure. It main shaft stimulate the inter vagina and additional branch shaft stimulate the outside vagina walls and clitoris. It is best to feel the most pleasure in sex.

Pearl Vibe

This Vibrators has a pearl near the tip means a broad tip that stimulate the erogenous zones vagina. It goes inside the vagina and start rotating. It upper tip rotate differently for more stimulation.

Clitoris vibe

Thee vibrators are specially designed to pleasure the women's clitoris.

G Spot Vibe

G-Spot vibrators is used to stimulate the G-Spot and reach to G-Spot orgasm with its specially structured broad tip. It is comfortable to use and gives most pleasuring sexual moment.

Waterproof Vibe

It is specially type of vibrator that can be used in water too. Couples prefer love making in shower and bath tub. It is ideal for them.

Silent Vibes

Silent vibrators are most prefer vibrators. It gives maximum pleasure with minimum sound. Women can use it by disturb any roommates.

Remote Control Vibe

These vibrators is handle by an attached remote control. Remote control the level of vibration and swing of vibrators.

There are of course many other kinds of vibrators besides these. There are Thrusting Vibrators, Strap on vibrators, Didlo vibrators, lesbian vibrators toys, and so on.

Shape? Erotic belt? function? Which criterion would you like to select?

Shape? Erotic belt? function? Which criterion would you like to select?

Above various type of vibrators are differentiate in shape, function, or any specification. While choosing your type of vibrators, go with shape of vibrators, function of vibrators, etc.

By Shape

According to shape, you may go with straight type, 2 crotch type, pearl type. If you are beginner, you should first try with Straight type vibrators, then go for 2 crotch type vibrators, and later pearl type vibrators.

By Function

According to function, you may go with waterproof vibrators, silent vibrators, remote control vibrators. You can select as your need for best stimulation in sexual intercourse or masturbation. Erotic belts are suitable for BDSM play.