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Vibrator that uses differently depending on body location

Vibrator that uses differently depending on body location

From the available various type of vibrators. Different vibrators is suitable for different body part. According to sensitive of body parts, vibrators work and stimulation.

Clitoris vibe

Clitoris vibrators is used to stimulate the gentle women part, clitoris. These vibrators gives sweet pleasure and activate the nerve ends of clitoris to feel the wetness and erotic. Clitoris vibrators dives stimulation that finger can't be. Vibrators delicate movement and vibrations is comfortable for women. She does not feel tired to stimulate the clit with clitoris vibrators.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot is erogenous zones in deep vaginal opening. It is about 5 to 6 cm away from the opening. G-spot pleasure is more pleasurable than clit. G-Spot vibrators gives vibration inside the vagina and help to get G-Spot orgasm. To reach to G-Spot is not possible with fingers, then women prefer to use these vibrators. With G-Spot vibrators, it is possible to stimulate the entire vagina and satisfy the sexual desires.

Portio Vibrators

Portio Vibrators gives pleasant feeling if you are having sex. Its straight vibration pleasure the Portio vaginalis.

Clitoris vibrators

Clitoris Vibrators is a best sex toy vibes for external stimulation without penetrations. Gently rotate the clitoris vibrator on the clitoris areas. It help women to feel intense stimulation and as much as satisfaction regarding sexual life. Clitoris vibrators are extremely powerful and discreet. While using the clitoris vibrators, women may use their favourite and suitable lubricant on the clit areas and vibrators. Maintenance of clitoris vibrator is easy.

Wipe off with wet cloth or wet tissue for hygiene. Clitoris vibrators is not only used on clitoris, but you can also used it on vaginal penetration with vibration. Clitoris vibrators has various level of vibration mode from low vibrations to high vibrations. Beginners should try low level of vibration at first, after get comfortable move to higher vibration speeds.

Other thrusting vibrators that move forward and backward, strap on vibrators that can be attached to the waist, and didlo vibrators. It is used for women in vibrators for women, but there is also lesbian vibrators toys.